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Source Building Services LLC

Located in Beautiful
Door County, Wisconsin


There is no other place like Door County, WI.

It draws people from all over the world. Some to visit and a lucky few who choose to live here.
Let us help you as you make your home here as healthy and comfortable as it can be.

Licensed Door County Building Inspector Since 1989

Is your Home safe and built to last? What maintenance and updates will your property need in the next few years in order to keep it's value?

We have been doing inspections in Door County for over 20 years and are specifically trained and knowledgable in local and Wisconsin building codes and practices. We have inspected thousands of buildings, and know the history and people of the area.

Responsible Caretaker with Satisfied and Repeat Clients

Door County is an old and established community. We know how to keep our neighborhoods looking good with smart, and cost effective, changes and maintenance.

If you don't have the time, or you don't live nearby, we can help you watch over your home and property. We are local, available, and know what it takes to keep your place in good shape and ready for your return.

Successful Builder with Over 30 Years of Experience

How do you make your house into the Home you've always dreamed of?

We have over 30 years in the building trade and have transformed houses into Homes for families and businesses of all sizes and desires. We can build from scratch, or transform a structure that already exists. We know Door County zoning regulations, and can work within them to meet your needs. We have the Ideas and Experience.